Successful Health & Beauty Care Trials

Successful Health & Beauty Care Trials

Jul 2020

Ice Pigging trials have been successfully completed for a manufacturer of personal care products, receiving positive comments from the customer.

For every Ice Pigging machine installation, the SUEZ engineers conduct a feasibility assessment and survey the pipeline processes. The Team conduct product trials in our Bristol testing facility using the clients products and representative pipe properties.

Recently the testing facility trialed a range of face creams and body lotions, cleaning the products out of pipework using the SUEZ AQL500, our most commonly installed Ice Pigging machine.

When customers want to recover or reuse their products we achieve very high recovery rates, typically 85%, something that wouldn’t be at all possible with water flushing.

The team like the challenge of testing new products and showcasing the benefits of Ice Pigging™. They particularly enjoyed this set of creams and positions as the test lab now has a much nicer aroma!

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