Johnson Matthey says Ice Pigging™ is a ‘game changer’

Johnson Matthey says Ice Pigging™ is a ‘game changer’

Oct 2020

An executive from Johnson Matthey, a global science and chemicals company, reported that Ice Pigging™ had proved to be a ‘game changer’ for their business.

Ice Pigging™ has proven to be is highly effective in removing material from their pipe systems, but most importantly the process was able to reduce the long flushing times associated with water. Cleaning time dropped dramatically; from eight hours down to four minutes and this has had a significant positive impact on production.

These time savings and production efficiencies were achieved whilst also exceeding the extremely high quality standards that Johnson Matthey’s production require. An additional benefit is the reduction in water consumption.

Ice Pigging™ is now applied on several production lines at Johnson Matthey facilities.

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