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Ice Pigging is a patented process for cleaning the inside of pipes using an ice slurry.

It is fast, effective and exceptionally low risk, using significantly less water than many other techniques.


Our Ice Pigging™ equipment enables a customer to clean their pipework at a touch of a button, always ready within their facility, be that in a factory, at the dockside or within their production plant.


Our dedicated team of Ice Pigging™ specialists, engineers and the operations teams are based in Bristol. This facility houses our testing lab and the manufacturing centre for our Ice Pigging™ machines that are distributed worldwide.

How does an Ice Pigging machine work?


Each installation of Ice Pigging™ equipment is unique. The Ice Pigging™ engineers start with a feasibility assessment and site survey to understand the pipeline processes. Often the team will conduct product trials in our Bristol testing facility using the clients products and simulated pipe properties.


The Ice Pigging™ system will be specified. A suitable Ice Pig™ additive will be selected to act as a freezing point depressant that suits the situation. This may be salt, sugars, alcohol or acids. In addition the ice quality will be customized to suit the product, process and hygiene requirements.


A plant integration plan will be developed that identifies the Ice Pig™ injection locations, the process line modifications, component specifications and the factory machine communication.


As the Ice Pigging™ machine is commissioned, the Ice Pigging™ engineers will provide installation support and training. The team can also provide further support to expand the Ice Pigging™ application and to optimise Ice Pigging™ performance following factory changes.


The AQL500 is our most commonly installed Ice Pigging™ machine. The AQL500 is a patented, factory ready and fully automated machine that operates on a continuous basis, capable of delivering ‘always-ready’ ice for the purpose of Ice Pigging™ enclosed pipes.


The machine manufactures a two-phase ice slurry using potable water and a selected additive as a freezing point depressant. The purpose of the freezing point depressant is to control the structure of the ice slurry and to prevent the ice from forming large crystal sizes. Salt is often used, but sugars, alcohols, acids and many other commonly found base ingredients can be used to suit the product or materials being cleaned out and operating requirements.


A complete Ice Pigging™ system enclosed within steel panels, the machine combines ice production, ice storage, maintenance and Ice Pig™delivery all in one unit.


The AQL200 works in conjunction with the AQL500 as a portable Ice Pig™ carrier and delivery unit. It takes the ice made in the AQL500 to other parts of the production facility or plant that isn’t directly attached to the AQL500. It is most suitable for those facilities where a line needs less frequent cleans.


On some occasions an alternative Ice Pigging™ solution has been required to suit location situations and so Ice Pigging™ machines have been customised for those particular client circumstances.

With over 90 years experience, the Ice Pigging expertise and skill can not be matched.

With two patents for the technology, Ice Pigging™ requires a level of expertise and skill that cannot be found outside of SUEZ. Involved with Ice Pigging™ from its commercial beginnings and with over 90 years of Ice Pigging™ experience between them, our team of Ice Pigging™ operating specialists and engineers have unparalleled expertise in cleaning pipes with ice.

The Ice Pigging™ team have 90 years of experience developing and delivering this award winning, patented technology across a variety of sectors worldwide. If you want to know how Ice Pigging™ can solve issues with your pipework systems and processes, save you money and make your cleaning processes more efficient, get in touch.

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