icepigging-home-slider-1-new2 icepigging-home-slider-overlay A time saving solution icepigging-home-slider-1-new-explorer logo Significantly reduced downtimes. Faster changeovers "Ice Pigging™ reduced our cleaning time from 6 months to 2 weeks." Defence Industry Client Read more icepigging-home-slider-2 Delays capital expenditure A no-dig solution that clears blockages and extends the life of pipework "Without it we would have had to change our capital program and caused major customer disruption." Water Utility Customer icepigging-home-slider-overlay Read more icepigging-home-slider-new3 Cleans problems out of pipes An efficient, flexible and quick solution to clear pipework of debris, biofouling and other contaminants. "A huge relief to meet quality standards after using Ice Pigging™ to remove bio contaminants. This avoided delays to our campaign." Pharmaceutical Client Read more icepigging-home-slider-overlay icepigging-home-slider-4 Significantly cleaner Proven to be the most effective cleaning method "1000 cleaner than water flushing" Quarini, G. L. (2002) Ice-pigging to reduce and remove fouling and to achieve clean-in-place. Read more icepigging-home-slider-overlay icepigging-home-slider-5 Product recovery Recovers valuable product and minimizes spoil from pipes without dilution. "We achieved a product recovery figure of 85% by opting for the Ice Pigging™ solution" Beautycare Customer Read more icepigging-home-slider-overlay

What is Ice Pigging?

Ice Pigging™ is a highly effective pipe cleaning technique in which ice slurry is moved through the network to remove unwanted material, sediment, or product residues from the pipe.


Historically, pigging has referred to the practice of using mechanical devices known as ‘pigs’ to perform maintenance operations in pipelines. Engineering practice has moved on and now Ice Pigging™ is considered the Best Available Technique for many pipe cleaning situations as it radically decreases the time involved and for the quality of clean.


SUEZ offers an Ice Pigging™ service from mobile delivery units as well as Ice Pigging™ machines that can be permanently installed in factory or industrial plant facilities. This low-risk, clean-in-place process can be applied to a wide range of pipe systems in diverse industrial and municipal applications.

Saves time

Versatile and low-risk

A no-dig, no-dismantle, clean-in-place solution

Removes materials from pipes

Significantly cleaner

Enables product recovery

Ice Pigging in action

Ice Pigging™ utilises a two-phase Ice slurry, which is pumpable like a liquid, but forms a semi-solid ‘pig’ within the pipe. The Ice Pig™ is capable of navigating complex pipework which may incorporate changes in pipe diameter, bends, valve systems and other obstructions with no risk of becoming stuck. It is fast, effective and exceptionally low risk (it just melts away), using significantly less water than many other techniques.

Ice Pigging in operation

A highly effective cleaning technique for pipework of large and small lengths and diameters, and can pass through various types of process equipment such as valves and pumps and in different environments; factory, outdoor and underground. A fast and powerful process for commissioning new, decommissioning old and maintaining existing pipe systems. Ideal when you need to remove materials that impact process efficiency, to improve flow performance and achieve quality requirements.

Drinking Water

Ice Pigging™ is a highly effective and exceptionally low-risk method of removing sediment, biofilm and other objects from pressurized water pipes.

Wastewater & Effluent

Ice Pigging™ quickly and efficiently tackles under-performing pipes, removing sewage and other materials with minimal disruption and low-risk.

Industrial Pipe Cleaning

The ice slurry navigates pipe diameter changes, bends and in pipe protrusions, such as sensors and instrumentation, to achieve a high quality clean.


Ice Pigging™ is a quick and efficient line cleaner, propelling the ice slurry through production pipe systems to clean and recover valuable product.

District Heating Networks

A highly effective and significantly quicker method for removing sediment and contaminants as part of the commissioning processor routine maintenance work.

Other Industries

Even if your specific industry sector isn’t displayed – chances are Ice Pigging™ is still a benefical option for you. Take a look at our ‘What is Ice Pigging™’ page to find out more.

The Ice Pigging team have 90 years of experience developing and delivering this award winning, patented technology across a variety of sectors worldwide. If you want to know how Ice Pigging can solve issues with your pipework systems and processes, save you money and make your cleaning processes more efficient, get in touch.

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