Freezing Point Depressants

Ice Pigging™

Freezing Point Depressants

Feb 2020

Each installation of Ice Pigging™ machinery is unique to the customer circumstances. The machine manufactures a two-phase ice slurry using potable water and a selected additive as a freezing point depressant.

Freezing point depressants help to control the structure of the ice slurry, prevents the ice from forming large crystal sizes and keeps the ice in motion. Salt is often used, but sugars, alcohols, acids, alkali’s and many other commonly found base ingredients can be used to suit the product or materials being cleaned out and operating requirements.

The Ice Pigging™ specialists continually assess and develop the range of freezing point depressants. At the request of a new customer, the team has determined new freezing point depressants to be used in the paint sector.

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