Eneteq & Wembley Park

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Eneteq & Wembley Park

Feb 2021

As part of the ongoing redevelopment at Wembley Park, Eneteq Services installed over 4,000m of district heating transmission pipes. These pipes transfer heat from the purpose-built combined heat and power plant to each of the 17 residential blocks, for use in domestic and water heating. This district heating network represents a huge saving of carbon when compared to the traditional model of each residential unit producing its own heat and hot water.

Before the transmission pipes can be used, they must be carefully cleaned to remove any particulate matter such as swarf or construction residues which could damage the heat exchangers or shorten the life of the pipework.

The traditional method for cleaning these systems is dynamic flushing with side stream filtration, which requires pumping vast quantities of water and chemicals through the network at high velocity for up to two weeks.

However, with Ice Pigging™ it is possible to carry out a pre-commissioning clean on a large area of pipework in a single day and it can easily be applied using existing fill and drain vents on the network and requires no harmful chemicals.

Eneteq were an early adopter of Ice Pigging™ in the District Heating sector. Given the high status of the Wembley project and the time constraints associated with such a large-scale redevelopment, Eneteq engaged SUEZ to provide Ice Pigging™ services to the entire underground transmission network.

“We have used and specified Ice Pigging™ on all of our larger diameter installations, as the dynamic flushing on these pipes can be incredibly difficult due to the flow rates required. Ice Pigging™ has proved to be a much simpler method for the dynamic flushing.” Tim Coles, Eneteq

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