Working through the night to keep the A40 flowing

Working through the night to keep the A40 flowing

Jan 2022

The largest water only supplier in the UK – Affinity Water were faced with a number of alterations to their network in order to accommodate the construction of HS2. This included the introduction of a new pumping station which would reverse flow of a DN450 Ductile iron trunk main and that posed risks of discolouration. Considering the close proximity to A40, significant public nuisance was another challenge.

After a careful consideration of these risks the Ice Pigging™ team reached a verdict that they should split the trunk main in ten sections and clean them during the night. This strategy reaped great results minimising public nuisance and causing no discolouration incidents.

“We implemented the Ice Pigging™ in order to reduce the risk of scouring in our pipes which can lead to turbidity. This was done pre-emptively before importing a new pumping station supply. Following the Ice Pigging™, there were no water quality issues and we successfully commissioned and imported the new supply so I’m really pleased with the success. It’s been a really collaborative project.” Gabriel Njoku, Project Manager, Affinity Water

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